As a teacher educator, senior leader, project manager and practitioner in the classroom, Karen’s role in education has seen her work across a range of sectors to bring a unique breadth of knowledge, balance and expertise to education and her consultancy. It also enables a sound base for her as a presenter and coach in a range of settings. Applied, Project Based, Integrated, Enquiry Driven and Hands on Learning are Karen’s area of expertise, as well as Literacy in the VCAL and Literacy Across the Curriculum.

Karen is well known for her engaging and hands on presentations, workshops and consultancy.

Skills and services

  • Keynote speeches and workshops at conferences, schools and providers using engaging and interactive approaches;
  • Professional learning for the VCAL, Applied Learning;
  • Literacy, Classroom Observations and Service Learning;
  • Support for teaching teams in implementing shared learning and professional learning teams;
  • Peer coaching strategies based on a solutions based model;
  • Principal Class and teacher/trainer Coaching using the GROWTH model to strengthen vision and effectiveness.

Her work has included:

  • The inaugural award as Outstanding Teacher/Trainer of the Year for the VET;
  • Scholarship to the UK to investigate Innovate Programs for Youth at Risk;
  • Lead presenter for the roll out of the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) for the VCAA in all Victorian Regions;
  • Director of the High Impact Theatre in Education team;
  • Workshop presenter for Independent Schools Victoria, the VET Development Centre, Critical Agendas, INTUYU consulting, Ticking Minds;
  • Director of Learning at a large Independent School, Melbourne Victoria;
  • Teaching and Learning Coach for the Eastern Region;
  • Imbedded Coach at a disadvantaged Government School;
  • Curriculum writer for the VCAL, VCAA and ACFE, including publications ‘Learning Differently’, ‘The A Frame’, ‘VCAL Record Keeping Book’, and also twenty English units for the VCAA;
  • An executive member of the Australian Council for Adult Literacy;
  • Project Manager, Vice President and Professional Learning Manager of the Victorian Applied Learning Association (VALA);
  • Lecturer at Latrobe University in Contemporary learning;
  • Accredited Executive Coach with growth coaching international.
Karen’s mantra is: ‘It’s fun when you learn.’

Feedback from 2015 workshops and presentations

‘It was awesome. Lots of useful strategies to take back and share.,’

‘Karen’s management of the group was excellent – not domineering but also steering us along so we didn’t get bogged down. Respectful of us as learners. Lots of content covered. ‘

‘Very engaging presenter with lots of experience and useful resources.’

‘Loved Karen’s enthusiasm. Ability to cater to our individual needs was fab!’

‘Loved it. Great presenter . Informative and motivating! This was exceptionally helpful and practical.’

‘Great balance of theory and practice. Opportunity to share challenges and successes.’

Coaching Feedback 2015

‘Thank you! You have inspired me to move forward with my goal.’

‘You are a great listener. Thanks for helping me unpack my goal. I feel I can get there!’

‘You have been so helpful Karen. I love the way you enabled ME to come up with my own solutions.’